A Call For Prayer

My husband, Jon, needs your prayer in a very desperate way!

Jon began feeling exceedingly tired on Thursday, September 17, and by Friday morning was doing very poorly and quite unresponsive. After texting our daughter, Laura in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she summoned two of our neighbors who immediately came to help and called 911 for the paramedics. He was transported by ambulance to our local French Hospital, was immediately tested for COVID-19, and when admitted, taken to a special isolation unit in ICU until test results became available.

Here’s the latest as of this morning. By the way, since I cannot talk on the phone, Laura has been fielding phone calls with the hospital and some of my medical professionals. Kathryn, our San Francisco-based daugher, drove here yesterday to help me. Liz and Todd, our daughter and son-in-law in the Houston, Texas, area are also assisting with communication and updating prayer lists.

An initial COVID-19 test came back negative last night. At the time, it had not yet been determined whether they would run a second test.

Jon has been diagnosed with Bilateral Pneumonia. Bilateral interstitial pneumonia is a serious infection that can inflame and scar the lungs. It’s one of many types of interstitial lung diseases, which affect the tissue around the tiny air sacs in the lungs. You can get this type of pneumonia as a result of COVID-19, although in Jon’s case, apparently not. Bilateral types of pneumonia affect both lungs.

Jon is on Antibiotics, Tylenol, and Valium. He will not be tested a second time for COVID-19 as his CT scan showed no signs of COVID-19. Laura was told that Jon is, so far, responding well to treatment. He is on oxygen, pain free, and resting comfortably.

I’ve had some difficult days in my life, but yesterday made all of the rest seem not so bad. Being unable to converse with anyone is extremely stressful. So grateful to our neighbors for stopping everything and quickly coming to help and for other neighbors who have also offered to assist. Thankful for all three of our precious daughters and caring son-in-law who are working overtime with barely a moment’s notice.

By now, my ship would have surely sunk without their help!

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  1. Leslie: Sending our love, and lifting up Jon, your girls and you in prayer. Surely our Lord is with you, and will watch over you all. Please take care and let us know if you need anything. Keep us posted.

  2. So thankful our GOD, is in control of the details and His body is active in the lives of believers, they hear and they are ready in an instant to be the hands, feet, and voice when we cannot do for ourselves❣️ Thankful forever and always!

  3. Leslie, thank you for sharing about Jon. Praying for him, you & your sweet family coming to the rescue. May God’s comfort & peace surround you. So thankful you are surrounded by family. I am here for you if you need anything. Prayers, loves & hugs.

  4. Oh Leslie! We will certainly be holding Jon up in prayer as well as you and your family. Good to hear he is responding well to treatment. May the Lord grant continued healing grace, and peace to all of you.

  5. Leslie, I am so sorry to hear of this new development for Jon. I am glad he is getting care and am praying for the Great Physician to orchestrate everything he needs. You and your family are also being covered in prayer. I hope to hear good news soon! Love to you all!

  6. Leslie, You and Jon are both on my daily prayer list so I do pray for you every day! God is so good, He’s never late and He already has everything taken care of. Rest in Him! You and your family are all loved so very much. You are blessed!!!

  7. Dear Leslie….This is something I didn’t expect to hear. What an ordeal. So glad to hear that Jon seems to be improving. We will be praying for him and for you. So sorry this has happened. It really must have added to the load of what you are already enduring.
    It is always so heartwarming to hear how your lovely daughters rise to any occasion and figure out ways to help. And praise God for awesome neighbors.

    1. Alison ~ Of all people, you can certainly relate to “adding to the load.” No words in my vocabulary are adequate. Thank you for praying❣️

  8. Dear Leslie,
    My prayers go out to Jon for healing, and to you and your family for comfort and peace during this stressful time. I think of you often and your never ending optimism and faith.

  9. Leslie. Thank you for sharing. You have an amazing family and I’m proud to be included in your prayer request. God Bless You and thank you for being my friend.

  10. Thinking of you and Jon again this day and continuing to pray for God’s grace and peace to envelope each of you and your daughters. much love – lisa & kevin

  11. Father, we are asking you to intervene – to touch Jon’s body and heal him of this infection. Heal not only his body but guard his heart and his mind. Fill him with your peace and a deep sense of your presence.


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