Life is in the details!

SNOWFLAKES! Purportedly, no two alike. It takes a Mastermind to first of all devise such intricacies and then . . . own the Supreme intelligence to put the conceptual design in motion.

From Science: How Stuff Works

The next time you’re catching one with your tongue, you might stop to consider the long and arduous plight of the snowflake. Those delicate and intricate crystals have traveled many miles before they plummet to the ground alongside their trillions of cousins. And although they fly in multitudes, the word on the snow-slicked street is that no two of those little flakes are alike. Can every snowflake really be different?

The short answer is yes, snowflakes really are different from one another. You might find some that are exceedingly similar (particularly at the beginning of a flake’s development) but fully formed snowflakes are indeed structurally different, if only by tiniest of degrees.

Is every snowflake actually unique?

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