Because He LIVES . . .

We’ve all read the agonizing stories . . . 

  • Seasoned hiker in his 40s heads off alone, gets off the trail, slips and falls knocking himself unconscious. Wakes up with injuries and desperate for rescue. 
  • Exhausted mother leaves her young children home with her husband while she shops for groceries. She falls asleep on her way home and drives off the road leaving no skid marks. Badly injured, she is unable to summon help.
  • Prisoner unjustly incarcerated during a war with no way of communicating with the outside world that he or she is still alive.

In each instance, the distraught victims
cling to hope because of their
overwhelming desire to live
and again be with those they love.

During these times we find ourselves in and facing this progressive disease day in and day out, what sustains me is being CONVINCED that my Savior, Jesus, LIVES and clinging to the PROMISE of being with HIM for all of eternity.

Everything else pales in comparison.

Wikipedia – Gaither

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16 Replies to “Because He LIVES . . .”

  1. Indeed, dear Leslie, you will cross the river with glory, and you will await our crossing and welcome us. Each day, each night, I think upon you and Jon and your family, and Emma and the chickens and the towhees, and the full moon shining down on your refuge in LO. I have never heard the panflute before, and in that setting of meadow and green, with that hymn, I feel grateful for this blog and your creating it. Much love and prayerful closeness, Genevieve

  2. Each night, my 97 year old mother-in-law and I pray together before she goes to bed. I knew she’d be blessed and encouraged by your latest entry, Leslie, and she was! She loves that song… “been singing that for years… I sang that as a child… such precious words of truth.” Thank you for listening to the Lord’s call and creating such a beautiful reminder of our promise of eternity – as you said, “everything else pales in comparison.” In our hearts always

  3. Just what I needed this morning! God is so good all the time. Reading what some have written made me think none of us knows when we will die to this world and maybe some of us will greet you, Leslie, when you get there. Which ever way it is it will be a great time for all. This is one of my favorite Gaither’s songs. Thanks. Love you.

  4. We are reminded of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress when Christian reached the other side of the river and the two shining ones were waiting. He saw Mount Zion the heavenly Jerusalem we are men are made perfect never to suffer any sorrow again but only experience joy. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful hymn with us and your ongoing example of one who fully leans on and trusts in our Lord.

  5. Sweet Friend, this is such a beautiful rendition of this song! Thank you for sharing it. It was a wonderful way to start my day. Praying for you and for Jon.

    Yesterday D and I were sad. Our world seems to be in such a dark place…so much anger, bitterness, hatred gushing forth everywhere and people just lashing out, unchecked. It is a gift to ponder eternity and to know it is ahead for us. God is so faithful, good and kind. Sending you lots of prayer for strength, courage and peace today as you navigate the challenges in front of you. Please know that you are a gift to all of us and we love and appreciate you dearly.

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