The Update We’ve Been Waiting For

Jon is Back Home!

I’m too fatigued to go into much detail but wanted you to praise God along with us that Jon arrived home before noon today. Two specialty RNs with Central Coast Home Health arrived mid afternoon to train us in administering his antibiotic every eight hours for the next six weeks and another RN will be here later tonight for more hands-on training. Follow-up medical appointments are in the works. Jon will be spending the night in his own bed.

We are so grateful for your prayers
and ask that you continue to pray
as Jon still has quite a journey
back to good health.

14 Replies to “The Update We’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. Dear Lord, we thank You for the reminder that You have the whole world in Your hands.
    Rejoicing with all of you that Jon is back home
    and will continue to be on our knees.

  2. Best news of the day! So thankful to learn of this. We will continue praying and hope that you will call upon us if we can help in any tangible way! xoxo

  3. Leslie….So glad to hear this happy news. At last!
    I hope the IV antibiotics will work their magic and Jon’s recovery will be quick and thorough. Sounds like you have good help from Home Health professionals.
    Thinking of you with love……Alison

  4. Praising our Lord with you. When I take a good look at our backsplash, our bathroom ceiling, our gate archway, trapdoor, etc, I think of you two and your labor of love in so many lives.
    So many people are praying for you and your family. You are dearly and deeply loved❤

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