Update No. 3 concerning Jon . . .

  • Jon must spend a sixth night at French Hospital.
  • We are hopeful he will be released tomorrow (Thursday) morning to come home.
  • His platelet count was up slightly today which is a good thing.
  • The hospital used the opportunity to run a few additional diagnostic tests.
  • Still waiting on some lab test results.
  • Jon was queuing for 2:00 p.m. for the new PICC line but the procedure didn’t begin until about 3:30 p.m.
  • Home health nurse could not come to our house so late tonight to teach us how to push the prescription antibiotic into Jon’s new PICC line.
  • Since Jon’s staph infection is in his heart on a valve that has already been repaired, they’re not taking any chances on skipping any IV antibiotics or altering his infusion schedule. This is very serious!

Preparations are underway to make necessary adjustments so that when Jon finally comes home, we’re ready and able to care and provide for him and for me in the best way possible.

Thank you so much for your prayers,
words of encouragement, and
thoughtful acts of kindness 

that help bolster endurance
in such a time as this.

5 Replies to “Update No. 3 concerning Jon . . .”

  1. Leslie,

    Tammy and I are standing with you in prayer asking our heavenly Father to watch over you, to protect Jon’s heart and bring healing and to that His peace and presence would rule in your hearts.

    No need to respond.

    Love Michael

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