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  1. He was an endless source of practical wisdom and humility. I found the reminder of not going forward too fast so as to wreck a cause, mindful of the concept of God´s time, not our time. Each slave saved or freed is precious, and even today almost 150 years later we are fighting human trafficking. Light overcomes darkness and fully overcomes it in His time.

    There is a book called ¨The Scent of Roses¨ by a famous Irish singer, who recounts her challenge of outliving her poet husband who became ill with Hodgkins cancer. She wrote that the scent of the roses lived after the petals and stem had withered. I loved this thought, and find it applies to the living presence of those who pass before us. They are indeed present, not omnipresent like God is, but very real in our daily lives. Much love, Genevieve

    1. Dear Genevieve ~ Thank you for such timeless reminders. The very best thing is knowing where we will spend eternity. Our lives here are so brief!

    1. Thank you, John, for spotlighting this.

      Perspective—two definitions (emphasis mine)
      (1) The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance;
      (2) A sensible way of judging how good, bad, important, etc. something is in comparison with other things.

      You’re correct—”sorely lacking among far too many . . .”

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