You are blessing our hearts❣️

You are touching our grieving hearts with your compassion. 

Dogs have been and continue to be such a meaningful
addition to so many of our lives.
They care about their people just like we care about them.
Mutual affection.
God is the One Who so thoughtfully created domesticated dogs.
Those of us who have rubbed shoulders with our canine buddies
know that our lives are all the richer because of
their trust, friendship, and loyalty.

We extend our deepest appreciation to
the staff of Los Osos Pet Hospital
for making room for our Annie in their
very busy schedule yesterday (February 1).
Dr. Richard O. Knighton, Tony, and Windy
were beyond caring and compassionate.

It is a blessing to have them serving our community—
especially during such deeply troubling circumstances.

2 Replies to “You are blessing our hearts❣️”

  1. Annie is at rest, as you wrote, and as another commented, surely these beautiful creatures will be part of our eternal glory. Feeling for you afresh, and thank you for yr beautiful acknowledgement. Sharing in suffering is part of our redemptive gift. Genevieve

    1. Thank you, Genevieve. Today promises to be a better day. Yesterday was very difficult. Our little Emma was uncharacteristically quiet and somber throughout the entire day but finally the sun began breaking out of her dark cloud in the early evening. Losing Annie is difficult for all of us.

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