4 Replies to “When life throws you a curveball . . .”

  1. It certainly is helpful to have this outlook, especially when things are challenging! I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thank you, Wendy. My only alternative is to wallow in the muck and mud. That’s just too cold, wet and full of ugly, creepy things!

  2. Such a sweet reminder for us all, for we have many things we could “whine” about. The line that resonates the most with me when I think of you is, “When you feel like sighin’, sing!” The songs you carry in your heart and mind play on!

    1. Yes, Katie, the hymns and Maranatha songs that have been stored up in my heart for many years, come back again and again to encourage me just when I need them most❣️

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