10 Replies to “So grateful for YOU!”

  1. Leslie, you are an example of courage and beauty and wisdom and wit in the midst of this trial. It is my privilege to subscribe. You are helping me see what it means to walk worthy with our Savior through suffering and pain! Wishing you and Jon and all the girls that can be home a wonderful Christmas! Jerry

    1. Jerry . . . thank you so much. Two of our daughters are enroute as I write. A special Christmas to you and Marilyn, as well.

  2. I love reading each and every update, it’s the best way to ‘fine tune’ my prayers for you. Merry Christmas to you both!

  3. Oh Leslie & Jon, it is our distinct pleasure & honor to pray daily for you!!! God is still in control of ALL things & we have that Blessed Assurance (love that old hymn!!) that He knows every detail of our lives & will give us mercy & peace throughout each step, even the more seemingly impossible ones. Psalm 27:1
    Love & prayers, plus hugs sent

    1. Oh Freddie and Gary . . . You two are so precious. You’ve sure had your share of health situations and have learned to empathize with others who are experiencing hardships. Thank you❣️

  4. Leslie~
    Merry Christmas to you and John! We’re so glad you are feeling better after the antibiotics. Whew!
    We are thinking of you both.
    With love and hugs- Teresa

  5. So glad to know the girls are coming in and will be praying for a very blessed Christmas!!! Thank you for your sweet Christmas message… It was a blessing to see a small picture of the many lives you’re touching. I can’t help but wonder how many will come to know Christ through your beautiful testimony. You’re always so good about pointing us to our wonderful Savior who came as a babe in the manger and gave his life so that we might have life eternal.

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