Our Maiden Voyage

You would highly regard our five-star Central Coast Home Health RNs. Such caring, confident, calm, and competent professionals who put the needs of the patient first. Yesterday our nurse provided superior, easy-to-follow, hands-on instruction in the use and maintenance of my new high-tech MIC-KEY. Using a 60 ml syringe, the nurse handled the 60 ml pre-flush of water into my port and encouraged Jon to take over,  administering 5.5 ounces of formula followed by a post-flush of 90 ml water. Note: We use reverse osmosis (RO) water—the same water we drink, cook with, give our dogs and hens. The plan is to slowly introduce the prescribed Kate Farms formula to allow my digestive system time to become acquainted with it—hopefully preventing digestive disturbance. We’re aiming for absolute success!

So thankful Jon is able and willing to assist. Also grateful the process doesn’t involve needles—Jon is squeamish when it comes to needles. However, he is comfortable attaching the extensions and tubes to the MIC-KEY which is comparable to some challenging and intricate plumbing projects he’s tackled for us.

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