As a follow-up to yesterday’s post . . .

You may send an email to Kathrene Tiffin
(Pastor’s wife at Baywood Park Community Church) at .
If my instructions yesterday caused any confusion,
please forgive me.
Kathrene is graciously coordinating meals.
She will provide what you need
to know if you’d like to help.

Thanks so much❣️

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  1. We celebrate JonĀ“s safe return home and gradual recovery. How great to have the 24/7 help of the family, and now the knowledge that the community can demonstrate their form of support. We are so pleased to learn about the meals co-ordination support initiative and will contact Mrs. Tiffin. May you feel the positive impact this makes in the demanding schedule you and Jon face. Praise Our Lord for the faith in your home and your church and trust in His plan for you and each of us. Much love, Genevieve and Dolfi

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