Be someone’s inspiration!

TULIPS   by Joni Eareckson Tada

Brooke’s dire condition reminds me . . .
everyone has something challenging in their life.
If not personally, then a relative,
a friend, a co-worker, or a neighbor.
Some plights are readily visible—others are hidden
from eye’s view but are just as real.
Everyone needs encouragement—
An ear to listen and a voice
that offers hope.

Let’s look for creative ways to brighten the lives
in our circle of friends . . . even more so during these
challenging days of sheltering at home.
We’re all in this together!

6 Replies to “Be someone’s inspiration!”

  1. YOU are my encouragement, girl! ❤️

    I receive Joni’s devotion each morning and was not only encouraged by Brooke’s verse explanation, but also challenged greatly by its truth. I have had that verse come to mind, and as a two-edged sword, carve out the intent of my heart after a not so wonderful response.

    Thankful for you!

  2. Indeed we are all of us in this together, and yes, each family has an individual with a particularly difficult plight in this troubling time. Thank you, Leslie. I taught a lovely 9 year old girl at Laureate who had diabetes and cared for herself at recess time. She was so self-regulating, confident, uncomplaining. Brooke reminds me of this pupil. Their scent does clear the air of our domestic isolation. We are so blessed to have our solace, moreover, in the blossoming spring and the birdsong, and all God’s creation singing the new life of the Resurrection this Holy week. Much love and prayerful thoughts from Genevieve and Dolfi

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