Pain is there for a reason


Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary:

A localized or generalized unpleasant bodily sensation or complex of sensations that causes mild to severe physical discomfort and emotional distress and typically results from bodily disorder (such as injury or disease)

Physical distress or discomfort that is usually caused by injury or illness and is the nervous system’s means of signaling to the brain that something is wrong.


Extreme discomfort around the area of the stoma where the G-tube was surgically inserted resulting in severe stabbing sensations and sleepless nights.

My Central Coast Palliative Care RN checked the MIC-KEY yesterday and instructed Jon to take me to French Hospital Emergency Room. My pain level was right around where the needle points on the image above. After making a phone call, the RN learned that the interventional radiologist who surgically inserted my G-tube on November 21 would be on call at French Hospital all day yesterday. We arrived at noon. It was determined a CT scan with contrast was needed. Because there’s only one CT machine at French Hospital, I had to wait my turn—as in 3.75 hours! My interventional radiologist saw nothing on the CT scan that would contribute to my severe discomfort. However, she noted the redness, swelling, and acute sensitivity around the stoma area may be indicative of cellulitis. I was sent home at 6:00 p.m. with an antibiotic prescription for seven days, 4X times daily. So grateful for our Rexall  pharmacist putting that prescription in suspension for me this morning so I can take it orally without issue—pills are increasingly a choking hazard.

We are quite tired today but very thankful to be in the comfort of our own home. We’d appreciate your prayers for complete healing around the stoma and minimal to no side effects from the strong antibiotic.


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  1. So sorry Leslie. Hate to think of you being in such pain but glad anything worse was ruled out! I wish you quick healing and relief.

  2. I’m so sorry this happened – grateful that all necessary medical staff were on call and ready for your arrival. We will pray specifically for your stoma to heal up nicely.

    1. Thank you, Julie. My eyes were closed when Dr. Traube came to my bedside. When she spoke my name and I opened my eyes, I was nearly reduced to tears because it was such a relief to see her familiar face. Really thankful we were given prior instructions to specifically ask for Dr. Traube when we checked in with ER. Made all the difference!

  3. I’ve been experiencing some pain myself the last few weeks, however, nothing like your pain. When I think of complaining, I think of you and Jon, praying God will wrap his loving arms around you and touch you both with His abundant grace and mercy. Your blogs are informative and encouraging.

  4. Praying Leslie. Gods strength and comforting touch on you. May He lead you into green pastures and quiet waters of restful sleep. Love you.

  5. Leslie…..I am sorry to hear of this unwelcome event. It is disappointing since it seemed that the insertion had gone so well.
    I just hope the antibiotics are the answer and the pain and redness resolve quickly. It is so hard to have a complication like this on top of the symptoms that the ALS is causing. Never mind the 3.75 hour wait for the CT scan!
    I love the way you always seem to find the glass half full in any situation! The blessings you see…. to be at home, to have your desired, familiar doctor available, to receive the extra help from our local pharmacy.
    I hope you and Jon get the rest you need and that you feel the love and support of those who care for you.

    1. Thank you, Alison, for your words of support. You have certainly been through unforeseen setbacks and unplanned procedures with your husband and understand how wonderful it is to be at home . . . together❣️

  6. Good to see that you are taking on the fight. Pain hurts for sure but pain is also a reminder that you’re still in the fight.

    Prayers and love,

    1. Big problem with ALS . . . if there ever are plateaus, they don’t last long. As Helen Carmichael, a limb-onset ALS patient from England remarked, “I felt that MND (motor neuron disease) kept moving the goalposts unfairly.” So true. It’s hard to stay in a game when the rules keep changing. But you are correct: The pain is my reminder that I’m still here. Thanks for writing! 🙂

  7. Thank you ALL for your prayers for my parents and the supportive and loving comments ♥️ Thank you, Mom, for sharing your experience – love you so much.

    1. Thank you, sweet Kathryn, for your devotion and love. We love you, too❣️

      Thank you for all the phone calls, emails, and text messages to medical professionals to help us sort through the daunting entanglement of today’s healthcare process—even more challenging for people who can no longer communicate verbally. You are helping to smooth our path by removing some of the “tripping hazards” that only tend to frustrate and confuse. You’re a blessing❣️

  8. Dear Leslie, I am praying for you and Jon with great tenderness and fondness. I’m so grateful you are both able to be tucked into your warm home. Sometimes what others might see as small blessings are the greatest ones. Love to you both. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. You and Jon are always in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for keeping all of your friends and family in the loop. We pray you get some pain relief and much needed rest. Much love!

  10. I continue to pray for you and Jon and your daughters. I pray for strength for all to endure this season. My love to you all.

  11. …for Thou art wth me… You are a constant reminder of our Savior’s mercy and love, Leslie. I can’t know all you are going through, but God is using you to show us that He gives strength to press on and bestows grace when we need it. Oh, how my heart aches for you and your dear family. Sooo many prayers from all who love you dearly.

  12. These unexpected trials are so difficult to read. Only God can fill that gap – the gap between where I want to fix it all and wrap you in a warm blanket of comfort, and the reality of your pain. God is there, even in the moments when you don’t feel His Presence, He is there. Loving you.

    1. Thank you, Katie, for your reminder that God is here with us while also being there with you. We all need those reminders. Love you, too❣️

  13. So sorry for the pain! Hope the antibiotics helped lessen the inflammation. Oh wow! What a lot of challenges you are faced with. We are thinking of you every day and wishing you a pain-free rest of the month…
    Hugs, Teresa and Tim

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