Update No. 2 concerning Jon . . .

My special man is spending his fifth night at French Hospital. He is, to put it mildly, very disappointed that he wasn’t released today. He is in the queue to receive a new PICC line which should happen tomorrow. We are also waiting on additional lab results to show more conclusively how the staph is responding to the antibiotic that’s being administered. His platelet count is still low but not quite as low as yesterday.

To paint a more accurate picture, the COVID-19 rules at French Hospital permit only one visitor per stay. So Liz is the only person allowed to go see Jon. No exceptions. Understandably, he is quite lonely and sad. We’ve all tried to remind him that he’s there because he has been very ill and everyone is trying to help him get better as soon as possible. 

Thank you for continuing to send your encouraging messages. Means so much. Your prayers are invaluable.

A special longtime friend stopped by yesterday to bring a bouquet of flowers and a card. The card is unique and meaningful at a time like this. Since a picture’s worth a thousand words . . . or more, I’m sharing it here along with a few of her encouraging words.

“I’m reminded that the tide
will never be so high
that HE won’t be able to keep us safe.
We may be a bit worn & wet . . . !”