Catch the Wind!

LOVE this. Hope you enjoy it, too. ❤️

General Electric is not likely to reimburse me for endorsing their name . . . but they probably should. 😉 Ever since GE’s 2006 release of this TV ad promoting wind energy, I’ve been captivated. Imagine capturing that much wind in a single wide-mouth glass jar! After securing the lid, the young lad traveled purposefully by foot, rail, and motorcycle sidecar all the way back to his great-grandfather’s birthday party—arriving in the nick of time—precious wind still tightly sealed inside his prize jar. Anywhere along his journey, the boy could have met with peril resulting in a loosened lid or shattered jar. The “surprise” gift would have been forever ruined! 

Now backtrack over two thousand years and envision the love, care, and meticulous planning of every detail for the birth of baby Jesus. He was protected and guarded by His heavenly Father as Mary and Joseph searched for a safe place for Mary to give birth to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Herod was out to annihilate Him . . . never happened!

Someone once exclaimed, “None of us are getting out of here alive.” That being said, I can surely trust my heavenly Father today with my life. After all, He arranged for my birth, loves me, has always taken care of me . . . and even now, He has everything under control. Helps take away the worry and fretting. This world is not my home . . . I’m just passing through!